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Gods Like Us: Folklore

A Novel 

Seventeen year-old Carrington Shaw wants nothing more than for life to return to normal. With the tragedy of her mother’s sudden death behind her, she’s anxious to start her senior year of high school with a well thought out plan. 

But Carrington’s plans, family and friends, and all of the small, southern town of Greenbrook, are swept into chaos after one of her classmates is shot and killed by a kindly officer, the first in a string of heinous and inconceivable crimes committed by other beloved members of the community. 

Enter Eshu, an immortal with midnight skin and sparkling blue eyes who, along with the enigmatic Fey, informs Carrington of the existence of Orishas, a legion of African gods and goddesses long forgotten by time. Angry and tired of hiding in the shadows, one of them is using their formidable power to influence the people of Greenbrook into giving over to the darkest parts of themselves. The Orisha lives among them, plotting behind a familiar face and waiting to enact a plan with Carrington at its center. 

After near misses, first kisses, and shocking revelations, Carrington comes face to face with her disguised enemy, finding there is much, much more to learn. 

Can she light the way to redemption before the darkness spreads from sleepy Greenbrook to the rest of the world? The mission ahead will require Carrington to embrace a rich history she never knew, abandon “normal”, and trust her friends.

Gods Like Us: Folklore is a story about self-discovery and examines the complexity of human desire and social landscapes from a unique point of view that celebrates and uplifts the mythology born of Black and Brown people’s history. 

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Gods Like Us: Book Two is Coming!

Learn alongside a little girl named Lulu in a series of children's books coming later this year. Stay tuned!

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